Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nazia Iqbal Scandal Pictures

Nazia Iqbal, 35 year old British woman got into the accident recently that stuck in a scandal with her friend in a water slide for amusement. They were going down the slide in the appropriate geminate when he suddenly sat tight. The surge to free themselves and were going to walk down the rest of the track. But then came Bower and injured on the back so that she could not move.

Nazia Iqbal said four and three ambulances attended the area to free Bower, who was trapped in the middle of the slide in more than nine meters Had to evacuate the pool during the salvage period. Nazia Iqbal always wanted to meet firefighters, but Nazia Iqbal Pashto songs not in this situation! Manufacturer sliding track teaches weight Bower and her friend went on about how, but she does not agree. It is not fair to say that this is due to my weight. I think Nazia Iqbal wedding was too little pressure on the water in the slide, Bower said, and referred to the pressure was not sufficiently great to yield a rubber boat on the trail.

Pakistan Nazia Iqbal is not much injured by accident. I have a few cuts and some bruises, but am mainly wounded pride. I think it will be a long time until I can think of to try to go in such a slide again. If something makes me want to lose a few pounds, it's that experience.

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